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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
I do agree that the press is very and overly liberal but the need to learn how to manipulate them a better. During the debates I enjoyed the fact that Romney was so factual and gave a lot of information but at the same time I was sure that Obamas sob stories and being an "average" person spoke to a lot of people. In this day and age. people believe the stupid crap that evokes emotion or an image through social media that draws attention more than they react to facts.
I know personally middle class educated women who voted Obama because some of the stupidity that came from . I guess if you hear something crazy once you think that is a personal stance but if you hear it from multiple people in a party you might worry its a party ideal.
The also do a better job of appealing to the younger people. People talked so much crap about how obama hung out with JayZ and beyonce but the youth think he's cool. Whether you like it or not, it is reality.
You are right on about the emotional appeal Obama had. He had no choice but to appeal to emotion; The facts of his first term were too grimm to try to intellectually argue out. Romney had his facts and policy platform and I found that inspiring. However, I think he failed to inspire those who were not looking for the facts. He could not inspire the average Obama phone user.
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