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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
If something like that were ever going to be a viable option I would say now is the time and there is 4 years to actually get something going.

The problem I see is I'm not convinced there will be anything left to save in 4 years. I know that's a pretty doom and gloom kinda view, but at this point I see no proof or reason to believe that there will be.

This world will always have the sova's and the aber's, but I think more of us than not would be happy giving a little to get a little in the middle ground instead of being stubborn jack asses far on the opposite sides.

My hope was that whoever won would look at how close the race was and realize that damn near half the country is not happy with the choice and work to bring this country to a point where everyone is on board instead of forcing their party's agenda down your throat. I highly doubt this will ever happen though.
Dude, come on. I think it's a little unfair to classify me as a fringe wackadoo, like aber.
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