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Obama's victory speech included the line “Tonight, more than 200 years after a former colony won the right to determine its own destiny, the task of perfecting our union moves forward.”.

"the task of perfecting our union".... Well, I've seen his idea of a perfect union and it doesn't resemble the country as founded. He didn't lie about one thing 4 years ago, he's here to fundamentally change the United States, bring Her down to size. He has never liked America's super power status.

I'll be surprised if we make it another 2 years if the policies aren't changed. Gas prices are about to double; energy prices "will necessarily skyrocket"; food prices are headed in the same direction; we have enemies in positions of power; we will be seriously disarmed very soon; $16 trillion debt and counting.

If you want to try to understand how Obama thinks of America then you just need to read his books. There is no possible way he feels the same as most people, he was never raised here, as soon as he was born he was taken to another country, he didn't step foot on the mainland until he was 18. He grew up with anti-colonialists and communists teaching him so how can anyone think he could possibly feel the same about America as a kid growing up in everyday rural America attending 4th of July parades every year. No conspiracy theories, just facts from his own words.

I hear people all the time say "it won't happen to America". Why not? We took down one of the most powerful nations on earth, the USSR, by making them go bankrupt. Look at the EU, countries are dropping like flies due to their debt. It can happen to us.

I fear for my children's future, it looks very bleak. Very soon the "entitled" will rise up against the "providers" when the money dries up.

Sorry, felt like venting somewhere.
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