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I was going to quote and x2 some stuff, but then I realized I was multiquoting pretty much this whole thread except for like one post.

Like seriously bummed today. Not like, oh my favorite team lost the big game bummed, but more like just lost my job with no prospects and the mortgage is due kinda bummed...

Over the past four years I had pretty much lost faith in this country and it's people. Over the past few months I began to regain a little bit of that faith after seeing that it looked like Romney might have a slight chance and that there was actually hope for this nation. Yesterday's results confirmed that this country is as good as dead.

I know people will say, "But we have 2016!", but my question is how much longer can this go on? How much deeper can our hole be dug? In the next 4 years are we going to pass the point of no return? Have we passed it already?

I don't know...I just don't know...

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