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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
A little?

I have seen alot of Made in USA items almost twice the price. ALSO, imagine we didn't have imports. What do you think the average price of things would now be? Also what items you likely wouldn't have.
Twice the price can be a big difference for what you're talking about.

A $2 foreign made razor that will fall apart in a year compared to a $4 US made razor blade that might last three, I'll by the more expensive one.

Now if you're talking say houses for example. If the only two choices I have is a $250,000 foreign made house, and a $500,000 US made house, and I only make $60K a year or something, I could only afford the cheaper one.

I own a Honda motorcycle. It's a great bike and I love it, but I would rather have something American made. But, to get something comparable to my motorcycle, it's almost three times the price of my bike. Economics still drives my decisions to some point.

There's no doubt that globalization is great for the consumer. I would never pay $5 for a rubber bouncy ball made in the US, but for $0.25 out of a vending machine, sure why not.

For some things it's good, for others it's not. I am against any globalization that kills out the US middle class workforce, and anything than can jeopardize medical type things (outsourcing of radiology), and for things that are very vital to the US economy, like the auto business for example.
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