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Originally Posted by deuce228 View Post
I don't disagree.
My father in-law is a devout union worker. Bitches about globalization and whatnot, and first store he goes to shop at when he needs something is Menards. He then buys the cheapest item he can. Not quality, doesn't care the brand or anything. Just price.
This is what I cannot follow.
These are the same people that blame Wal-Mart for putting local stores out of business, even though they don't shop at the local stores either. I tried to convince my mom recently that Wal-Mart is not to blame. It is the people that shop there who are at fault. She couldn't get it. It's a lot like the Scion my wife saw a couple weeks ago with the UAW sticker on it. Is the driver retarded and doesn't know that it's a Toyota?

G-Man- Your understanding of economics and business is mind-boggling. Somehow people can't understand that the US is only 300 million people out of 6.5 Billion in the world. We aren't the big fish anymore. The Chinese outnumber us and have the buying power to push us wherever they want. They don't even need their military to do it. The wars of the future are already happening in the currency and commodity markets. Who do you think lends all that money to the US government so that we can continue our slate of social welfare bullshit that supports people that are "entitled" to sit at home because companies can't afford to pay them $60/hour anymore?
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