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Originally Posted by trailrail302 View Post
Is it done

I am running a 4r70 but I thought they were just mod bolt patters, I could be wrong or maybe they have both bolt patterns?

Im thinking about doing a reverse manual valve body so I dont have to deal with all the elctronics.

You will be done way before mine im sure, but it will be cool to have another EB based buggy running around.
Just an fyi - no one currently offers a reverse pattern valve body for any of the 4 speed Ford slush boxes. Best you can get is a forward pattern manual VB, these are expensive since only a couple places make them. Most are in the neighborhood if $600+, will not work with any ratcheting shifters. Mine was nice but 1st and Rev seemed to be 10 miles apart.

John, why are you thinking if getting away from the C6? How often would you use 4th gear? I rarely even use 3rd in my rig. The O/D trannys are weak in stock form and pricey to upgrade to get the strength built into them. Doesn't the 4R70 use an electronic servo pack and converter lockup?

I think the C6 or C4 are the only Ford autos for offroad use.

Sorry for the semi-hijack.

Cant wait to see the new buggy in action. I am really having to talk myself out of building my chassis this winter and you're not making it any easier. :D

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