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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
I agree there has to be a better system, but the idea originally was that all states would at least have a voice. Which kinda sorta happens now...

It should be reformed I agree, but I don't know that a full on popular vote is the best way to handle that.

Maybe some sort of regional electoral vote broke up into smaller sub regions?

I mean it seems that "areas" or "regions" are more politically the same then say state lines.
Changing from winner of the state taking all the electoral votes to something like maybe the winner of the state takes 1 electoral vote with all the rest of the state's electoral votes going to the winner of the individual congressional districts could be a better system than what we have now.

Originally Posted by shawn View Post
And you say this like it's a bad thing.

Global Power, Global Reach. And you will know peace.

I'm a veteran. And have plenty of friends still active duty. And none of them support our current administration, Obama, or the future with them.

Obama supporters have their head so far up their ass, they need a glass belly button.
I'm a veteran and also have plenty of friends still on active duty and nearly everybody I know still in the Corps actually supports Obama over Romney. I think I actually know more Johnson supporters still in the Marines than Romney supporters.

Oddly though, when I think about where my my Marine friends are from originally, it seems like who they are supporting basically lines up with the state where they are from originally (i.e. the few I know from Nebraska, Kansas, and Georgia all seem to be Romney supports and the rest that I know, which are mainly from California, the Seattle area, and New England all seem to be Obama supporters).
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