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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
Against because it does not support the economic needs of a single country, aka the U.S.

Outsourcing is bullshit. This country's businesses have lost their pride in employing American workers, and have lost their American pride in a general sense.

Not to mention consumers have lost their pride in America, and overall do not give two shits about where the products they buy are built/assembled, or where the company's base of operations is located.
No one ever seems to understand the fact that it is the AMERICAN stockholder that drive companies to outsource, cut jobs, lower quality, increase prices, etc... Stockholders want growth. Nothing else. They want to see their own personal portfolio grow at least 10-15% per year. If you fail to do that, stockholders will jump ship, crush the stock price, kill the companies investment rating, make it impossible to secure financing, and send it into bankruptcy. It is that same American greed that thinks that some doofus should be paid $25/hour to push a broom that drives the stock market, that drives corporate decisions.

I'm not for globalization and I am not against it. It is a reality. It is the way business is done and will be done. It's a normal business cycle. It's been done since early civilization. Remember the spice routes to China? They've been the low cost provider for centuries, not just the past 20 years.
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