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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
For it or against it and why?

I am for it and against....

I am all for another country to try to better itself by building factories and these people have the right to work hard and make a living for themselves.

I am not for countries doing what China is doing and that is polluting the air and the water just to make a buck for the CEO.

I am not for multi national companies to move into a place like China and take advantage of the workers and send the profits to line the pockets of the share holders.

The people getting rich are not the Chinese workers but the CEOs and top brass of the multinationals. And dare I say it the stock holders of the multinationals.... I have some stocks and part of that comes back to me. but not enough to trade my own wage for.

I work in IT and I work with a software shop in India everyday. I even had to train an Indian for my best friends job. Talk about a raw deal. It was do it or loose my own job. With a wife and two babies in the house... as hard as it was I had to put food on the table. There were parts of the training when Ken had to train his replacement Indian. I am not sure how he mustard the strenght to do it. Talk about honnor.

Specifically in IT and programmer working in India earns 1/5 to 1/10 that of an American Programmer. And will work 60 hour weeks for that 1/5 pay.

Right now I feel that there is a race to push down the wage and working conditions here in Amercia until we are the 3rd world country with cheap lablor force and a rich ruling class of people that happen to be well connected and own everything.

What has made the USA great for the last 200+ years was the fact that with hard work your kids could lead a better life than you did. I do not believe that the life my kids will lead will be anywhere as good as my own because they will not have any good way to earn a living...

I fear that by the time they hit the work force there will be little to no work here in the states. All of the entry level jobs, hotel maids, burger flipers checkout clerks will be done buy guest workers. All of the high tech jobs will be over seas.

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