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Originally Posted by Tizken View Post
I keep hearing that greed is destroying this country. But that capitalism and free markets are great. The reason free markets work well is that we all want MORE so we try harder. Does that not that make us greedy? The USA was started because we wanted to be rewarded for hard work, we founded this country on greed. We wanted to keep our earnings, not send it across the ocean.

Now if you want more you are a bad person, you should share more. If you are the best person at what you do and make 57 gajillion dollars a year your greedy. If I charge $1500 to fix something am I greedy?

I'm sick of complaints about greed, it built this ficking country. It will make us great again. Fuck all the other places, china is greedy as hell, they not only want our money but also our IP.

It really depends on ones definition of greed. For me greed is when the desire for wealth overrides moral and ethical restraint.

Originally Posted by bdavid View Post
Greed is destroying the country period. I dont believe it is greedy to earn as much as you want but how you do it makes a huge difference... ....

Originally Posted by Ironman Offroad View Post
Documented example please.
Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
JD Rockafeller?

how about anyone that uses politics to achieve wealth, or anyone that practices anti-competitive/monopolistic tendencies at the top of their game
Here is simple example which happens all over this country. The business we shared a building with for a short time was run by an owner who knowingly put his employees at unnecessary risk mixing noxious chemicals (they would feel sick and have to go home early). He did not pay his debts and changed company names on a regular basis to avoid those debts. He is a greedy, selfish bastard who will do anything and take advantage of anyone to make a buck.

Part of what is bringing this country down it is a lack of true leadership (ie leading by example) and the general acceptance that the ends justify the means, that it is ok to do anything to accumulate wealth.
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