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Originally Posted by GreaseMonkey View Post
He didn't do it because he was a generous guy. He wanted to reduce attrition which costs more than paying workers a good wage to begin with. It brought the best workers, best trained individuals, and lowered his operating costs which improved his bottom line.
And then the unions came...

Greed is a means to survive although a sin to be Overly greedy it is part of human nature to strive to be better and have more then one another. This encourages wrath among neighbors and although not perfect it weakens sloth.

Well it did anyway before "right to ..." and "fair" this and that were put into place. Now, greed is tied in with sloth in that people feel the wealthy who have worked to get that way either through family members or simply as individuals are some how the enemy.

I feel no sympathy for someone who is capable to promote there level of living and simply does not due to sloth. Everyone gets help along the way even if they do not realize it. But, not trying leads to nothing. If you do not like your place in life do not point fingers at those more successful then you calling them evil.

You want to bitch about other countries fine. You going to work for $3.50 a hour living on site with 3 other family's in a shipping container. The stuff is going over seas because that is what is needed to remain competitive. A American television would cost what like 6 times what a Chinese one would.

Lets see Sony at $325 or AM at $1700. Same size, same features, oh wait the Sony has more features actually. Lets go with the Sony.

If you do not like world commerce move to North Korea that seems to be working out just fine for them.

China realized a long time ago that those that work survive and those that do not die. But what about all the people that can't work?
There is no such thing as can not work it is a manner of determination. If you doubt this look at Steven Hawking, or anyone who has ever suffered a life changing event and through determination strives to be better overcoming there shortcomings to remain competitive.

I am not saying do not help people. I am just saying help them be better. in many cases sloth takes over due to the embrace of it.
My one grandmother on my mothers side is like 90 and has gone through a few hip surgeries still walks around the house and out on the town with my 92 year old grandfather. Looking at them they are seniors but by no means act old.
My grandmother on my fathers side is like 87 and she has had many of the same types of surgeries as my other grandmother yet she still uses a walker. It is not because she needed the walker she simply used it out of sloth and because she kept on using it now she feels she does need it which limits what she does. Her life has been affected by sloth because she choose it to be.

If you do not like your life then change it. Stop making excuses, find out what you need to do, and do it.
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