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Originally Posted by zook94 View Post
I was taught to drape the hose across your shoulders, so as to keep the hot shit that falls to the floor to roll away, doing no damage to the hoses. They last a lot longer that way. Isn't it just a hoot that shop owners get picky about having to spend money on shit they don't need to for careless employees?
Originally Posted by BlooMule View Post
1) Repeated exposure to 'clinkers' from a torch cutting operation will break down the hose. Getting in a good work habit of having the torch cart behind you will minimize damage to the hoses (Unless you enjoy spraying yourself with molten metal)

2) What Doug said. That tire machine has pneumatic cylinders and bearing surfaces the wear with usage. Since YOU are not paying for the use of the machine, he is losing money each time it is used for a non paying job.
Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
I was cutting a piece of plate with a torch and a small chunk of hot steel took a wrong bounce and landed on the torch hose. It was hot enough that it burned into both hoses then lit on fire which basically instantly burned the hoses the rest of the way apart. The hoses were whipping around with a 4' flame coming out of them. The lesson of this story is try to keep you torch hoses away from the fire. You sound like a shitty employee with a shitty attitude.
I guess that was partly the point of my post, was to see what other opinions are out there. I've NEVER had anyone tell me to be careful with where the slag goes from cutting. I obviously understand what hot slag COULD do to a hose, but it's never crossed my mind to try and protect the hoses. I've NEVER had a problem with hoses, and never seen anyone put a hole in one either. I've had the same set of hoses for five years, and have used them a LOT more than the shop ones, and never had a problem.

I learned something about using torches. Thanks.

I'm impressed this rant got to two pages.

The correct answer is to have my own shop, and all my own tools, and fukc my own shit up, and have my own rules......wait, I do have my own shop, and my own tools, but I don't have a tire machine.

I do have a manual tire dismounter. Sawzall. But it's kind of hard to glue it back together if you want to resuse the tire. I have offered, and have put cash on the desk, for using the tire machine. I just get tired of listening to the bitching. I had to dismount 4 37" tires, I just took them to another shop, and paid the money. I understand a tire machine is a wear item, but I can't see how an extra 60 tires is going to blow the fucking thing up. The way he makes it sound it's going to die any minute when I'm using it.

Can anybody tell me if a screw style tire machine has more balls than the rim clamp style? Is the motor more powerful? The rim clamp style machines don't see to have enough nuts to dismount bigger/heavier sidewall tires.

Sometimes a shitty employees shitty attitude comes from working for a shitty employer. Keep that in mind....sometimes good employees are turned into having a bad atitude.

Glad SOMEBODY watches Trailer Park Boys.
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