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Originally Posted by yoopermike View Post
I got 3, kind of. One from when I was a little kid, woke up in the middle of the night and looked out my bedroom window and saw, what I would describe today, as an apparition of some sort. Floating across our front lawn. Freaked me out, and didn't sleep the rest of the night. Can still see it in my head like it was yesterday.

The second was not a visible sighting, but I was visiting my great Aunt in Royal Oak about 25 yrs ago. She had an upstairs to her house that she rented out to a single woman who was away for the weekend. Middle of the evening my family is sitting around talking after dinner, and we hear what sounded like someone dropping a box of bricks on the floor, and then someone running across the floor upstairs with heavy footsteps. Then nothing. My dad called the cops because we thought someone broke in. He went upstairs to investigate before they got there and found everything locked up tight. The guys did their job upon arrival, and found the same thing. Nothing out of place, no broken windows, or unlocked locks. Completely unexplainable.

The last has happened at my parents house 3, maybe 4 times. I have seen it one of these times. They have a bookshelf in their living room, near the entrance to their foyer/mud room and it collects wallets, keys, etc. What happens is, an item sitting on a shelf will just come falling of, and end up like 5 feet horizontally away from the bookcase. Now I can understand if something is precariously perched, and just happens to fall cause a truck went by or whatever, fall off, and be next to the bookshelft within a foot or so after a bounce. But these things are NOT even close to falling off, and are 5 feet away from the base of the damn thing when they do. Like someone is swiping them off the shelf, yet no one is there. When I saw it happen, I went to the bar to try and forget cause it freaked the $hit out of me.

Good stories.
Cant say Ive ever seen anything but Ive been in a few places that just felt "off". I found them creepy. My wife and I went to Jamaica and took a tour of a house that is supposed to have a history of hauntings for the last century or so. Nothing creepy about it, just a big old house on an old sugar cane plantation. The dungeon under the house was a little bit strange though. I relate to the story in red. When I was 16 I worked at a KFC restaurant that many of the employees and a few managers through the years said was haunted. I was skeptical and really never paid the stories too much attention. The biggest claim was various employees and managers would hear their names called when closing the place down for the night. I was told this happened so much they were beyond fearful and were annoyed with it. I worked alot of long hours, double shifts and closed the place down late at night often and never heard a thing. So I was quite skeptical until one morning I was just entering the rear kitchen door and I heard something. It was a while before my shift and there was nobody in the kitchen. As I entered in I heard a clang noise and the sound of something metal scraping the tile floor. A pair of serving tongs sliding across the floor quickly caught my attention. After observing this the shift manager who was standing at the other end of the kitchen, asked me if I saw what just happened. She then told me that she was walking into the kitchen just before me when she saw the tongs slide across and fly right off the prep. table as if somebody flung them. Im not sure what caused what we saw but those tongs had some momentum and didnt simply fall off the table straight to the floor. A funny theory some of the "believers" had was all these "events" were related to this one manager. Apparently most of the stuff happened to her or around her. I think her wide, bulging eyes and crazy hair had a lot to do with their suspicions too.
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