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When I was a kid we moved into a house that was just down the street from where my mother grew up. Well the house had been empty for some time and the upstairs was locked off. The very first night my oldest sister got up and went to the bathroom , when she came back to her bed she saw a dark figure standing in front of her bed. It totally freaked her out and she just froze there. The dark figure disappeared and she got in bed but she kept hearing a woman calling out the name Charles all night. In the morning she asked if anybody had heard the woman calling the name Charles all night long. My mother said that the previous owners had both died in the house and the man's name was Charles Maxim. My mother knew both of them and grew up helping take care of Mrs. Maxim when she got sick. We would hear people talking, walking, laughing, and moving things around constantly in that house. I saw an apparition several times go past my bedroom door . A small child had also died in the house and my toys would constantly get taken out of the old cedar chest I had as a toy box and placed on my bedroom floor. We could hear something playing with my toys as we ate dinner almost every night as my bedroom was directly above the dining room. We lived there for 8 years and the activity was constant. We had some people refuse to set foot in the house again after experiencing activity of their own . The house still stands and has quite the turnover of owners, most people don't seem to make it past 6 months to a years there. I loved it there and would move back , my mother has even thought about selling her current home and buying that place back. We never felt threatened but we were sure they were there with us . We had to move as the daughter wanted it back but she ended up selling after a couple years herself. Maybe because my mother as a teenager had helped care for the old couple they took to us and didn't want anyone else there who knows.
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