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Originally Posted by 93yj06unlimited View Post
Wow I think I'll try the ball method alot of you seem to use. I broke my spine in 2 places about 5 years ago and after seeing 4 neurosurgeons and 1 orthopedic spine specialist they all said they could do nothing for me as the nerves got permanently damaged when the spine broke. I live everyday with back pain and I have left foot drop and pain and numbness in my left leg. I also have 6 bulged disc , spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, and arthritis of the spine. Apparently I had lived with the 6 bulged disc for quite some time. I try to do my back exercises but they always make me feel worse so the ball thing I might just try. Docs and our family chiropractor advise against me getting adjusted as they say I was lucky to not be totally paralyzed and to get adjusted I would be risking it . I was suprised to hear our family chiro agree with the docs on that issue.
That sucks

Not much you can do, give the ball and foam rollers a try and keep stretching as best as possible, do all the PT exercises you have been given and good luck. Sometimes you just can't do much

Originally Posted by 93yj06unlimited View Post
Well for one MRI's are not 100% accurate my first MRI didn't show the breaks in my spine , also had a MRI not show a torn rotator cuff way back in 2002. I also have numbness and tingling in my arms and hands with loss of grip and feeling. I have been told it's caused by the bulged disc in my neck causing misalignment of the vertabrae and putting pressure on the nerves. So if your dad is having issues with his arms and hands it could be nerves being impinged in his neck as I have. They can do nerve function test to determine which nerves are affected. I have had the emg done several times as well as the SSEP (somato sensory evoked potential) test. The loss of muscle mass is called muscular atrophy I have it in my left leg. The nerves don't send a signal to the muscles so the muscles start dying off. I try to execise every day on my elyptical machine and go for walks as much as I can to try and keep some muscle tone but at times the leg just gives out and down I go . I have ended up tearing up my left shoulder from falling down the stairs at home. I would suggest more follow up with his doctor or ask for a second opinion.
Doesn't have to be nerve impingement in the spine, it can also be other joints (shoulders are famous for this, I have this issue in my left shoulder). Otherwise pretty good information
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