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Originally Posted by hosejockey4506 View Post
I agree with you, dont yell at me.

But on the same token i dont think we should spend thousands upon thousands of tax payers dollars to save drunks from car accidents and drug addicts from over dosing so they can turn around and do it all over again.
Originally Posted by hosejockey4506 View Post
i can guarantee some heads would roll if we (as a Fire department) told some one to get bent and we weren't going to help them because we felt they were stupid, and they died as a result of not getting help.
I agree it's a fine line between drunks and drug addicts and someone who had one too many pops. No one wants to see anyone overdose. But, when it becomes habitual, I wish there was some way to stop them. And with this example is addiction, something the people in NY didn't have. Those people were just to fucking stupid to listen. Help them? Sure.......... when you get around to it.
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