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Originally Posted by whiterhino View Post
In true disaster zones? No
But I wouldn't call New York & surrounding areas disaster zones. This was a rare occurance versus living in below sea level New Orleans.
Atlantic City New Jersey's average elevation is 10' above mean sea level. Storm surges higher than that are not unknown even if significant storms in that area are few and far between in our lifetimes.

It is in my humble opinion just as moronic to populate areas such as Manhattan, the Jersey Shore and any of those barrier islands to the point of tens of thousands of people per square mile as it is build a series of dams, pumping stations and the like to create a city in the swamp below sea level in Louisiana

Regarding the evacuation orders. By some estimates it would take 5 days to fully evacuate that region given the congestion. Many people in that area do not own their own vehicles.

Those that said "nah...I'm alright I survived Irene" and then realized they were way over their head, especially if they had the means to evacuate are obviously the ones that most of us want to see punished with living with the consequences of their decisions.

However... this is 'Merica where nothing is ever our own fault, and excuses reign supreme.
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