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Without a chiro I wouldnt be walking eather today, that and lots of ice everyday. I go about once a week these days and he tunes me right up, sometimes after a few I skip a week, but usally after a week ive tweaked it back up. The key is finding someone who you are comfortable with, ask around for who your friends recommend, thats how I found my current. Even in my smaller town, there is still over 5 diffrent offices so picking the right one is a job in itself. Now that ive found one that knows my back, knows EXACTLY how to fix it everytime I wont be changing, but it did take me a few to get one i liked and it does take some time for them to learn your back and what you need. The pain for me is always there, have to watch when im lifting that both my feet are planted and level ground or im followed usally by a big pop and i cant stand up straight or barely breath, last time that happened was last snowmobile season, i got a rental stuck. Also I got a large yoga ball at home that I can fix most of my lower problems myself everynight, just roll back and forth on it stretching my lower out and makes the world of diffrence in how i sleep. Good luck and go get yourself some help!
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