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Originally Posted by Blue XJ View Post
If the stability control works that good on ice don't waste the money.
Nothing works on ice, but the stability control in the focus is annoying as shit, it can't be turned off, and it is very agressive, ANY sort of aggressive driving in the rain or snow causes it to kick on VERY early, it works pretty damn well, but god I hate it.

I am hoping someone comes out with a chip to turn it off, you couldn't even take this car to a track day, although it is a decent handling little car (could be better, but the point remains) the stability control will kick on pretty quickly even when pushed on dry pavement around a corner.

Anyway, I see zero point in putting snow tires only on the rear in this car, the rear end never comes around, even when I e brake it around corners as soon as the e-brake is released the stability control straightens the car right out on snow. I thought maybe putting them only on the front would help for getting out of the neighborhood. But having them matched front to rear makes sense.
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