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Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
Mike has had this issue and tried PT and a chiropractor. His nerve was too impacted by the disc and he needed surgery. I would see a orthopedic surgeon and get an MRI. We tried to avoid surgery for 10 months. During that period he could barely walk and had limited mobility. Once he had his surgery he was up and walking that day.
I know our nature is to try to avoid the doctor and surgery but you are better off getting surgery, if you need it.
I did damn near the same thing. I was stretching before a four mile run and suddenly it felt like my back was on fire and my left leg could barely support my weight and felt like I just took a bolt of lightning through it.

About a year later I was under the knife for a bi-level discectomy on L4-L5 and L5-S1. Most of the weakness and nerve pain is gone now (every once in a while I'll get something) but now I have pretty severe muscle and joint pain due to the catastrophic damage of having the muscle in my lower back cut completely through and then ripped wide open. There's still a dent near the middle of my scar thanks to the spreader they had to use.

Just a word of advice... TAKE IT EASY until you get the MRI done to see just how bad it is. My surgery was only supposed to take two hours. Ended up at a little over five hours with two surgeons (orthopedic and neurosurgeon who was basically just there to make sure no nerves were cut coming off my spinal cord). The neurosurgeon had to step in and remove pieces of the discs that were minced off from my grinding/extremely unhappy vertebrae from my spinal canal and were rubbing on my spinal cord.

I did chiro, acupuncture (Army is retarded), Physical Therapy, an attempt at pain management using pills (only alcohol can really relieve nerve pain like that...), injections and finally the surgery. Absolute last resort but my leg works like it should now and I don't scream uncontrollably when I move a certain way like I have Tourette's lol

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