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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
Y'all make me laugh!!!

Those who are complaining about the Chinese models, have you ever owned or worked on one? Serious question. I'm gonna say no, and your just swinging your e-nads.

I can buy any part for my boys rig on line and have it in two days. Is the product less quality? Maybe. However, I've owned Honda, Yamaha and currently a Kawasaki quad.

Lets run some price for grins and giggles. Shock on the redcat 39.99 full adjustable, rebuildable, but why bother for 39.99. Shock on my 80cc Kawasaki, $700.00 rebuildable only by a "professional" $200 for kit, another $150 for labor.

Chain and sprocket, opps, ........same manufacturer whether Japanese or Chinese Brand, but 50% less bought through on-line store.

Fuel pump Chinese $14.99, Kawasaki $265, except the Kawasaki has gone out twice and the Chinese is still working.

Original purchase price; I bought used for both. $300 for the Chinese, $1000 for the Kawasaki. (okay a little bit a difference in resale, but not major in my book)

Currently, with busy life schedule and cost to repair,............yup the chinese rig is currently drivable, and the yamaha .........well its still waiting for a fuel pump.

OH, lets not leave Honda out of this........a "foreman" just left my garage with two brand new CVC joints. Yeah that was fun, and costly.

Everything, is made with "just enough" quality to make the sale. If I were to buy the so called "Name Brands" ..........we wouldn't be able to do as many things, and the trip my boy and I took to the Badlands would never have happened. Sometimes you buy a little less to do a little more with what really counts. Spending time with family and friends.

.......let me add one thing though, if you are going above and beyond normal operation of said vehicle, then yeah maybe one of the name brands are more suited for you.
Two of my freinds own powersport/small engine shops.Tony sold over 300 chineese scooters in the first year in bussiness.I cant count how many of theese pieces of shit I have worked on,I promise it's more then you unless you work at the factory.

Some parts are available online,but rarely do we have success getting the part we need.If it does showup it is usually broken allready,or it fails just like the original in a matter of hours.It's a never ending circle untill people wise up and scrap the pos.

Your comparison on parts price is laughable.You keep buying junk and bragging about how good it is,and I will keep laughing.
Quality stuff usually doesnt need many repair parts,It sounds like you must either buy some real used up junk,or dont maintain it properly.
The oe shocks on my 1971 honda 70 still work perfect as does EVERY THING on the bike.
I could go on and on,because I actually earned a living working on quads for several years and still moonlight for both shops.Every one is allowed an opinion,but I think yours is whack.
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