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i like jungle gym's.
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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
Y'all make me laugh!!!

Those who are complaining about the Chinese models, have you ever owned or worked on one? Serious question. I'm gonna say no, and your just swinging your e-nads.

I have personally owned a few chinese pit bikes, even went with a higher quality one after breaking several frames, out of 5 bikes 3 ($500) had broken frames after the first ride right up by the triple clamps and stem. The fourth (a $1500 investment) made it out two times before breaking at the same place. And wouldn't ya know when all torn down they all had the same cheap frames. The 5th bike, brand new 09 Kawasaki klx 110 ($1200) has had the shit beat out of it, thrashed to hell and back and still starts on the first kick every time. Only things I've ever had to replace are tubes, oil, plugs, and the Occasional air filter depending on where we ride. The parts are always available at the local bike shop for decent prices.

Chinese products are crap when it comes to the orv, utv, and mx industry, yeah sure there cheap, but don't have the reliability or durability needed to have endless hours of fun.

To the OP save your self the headache of having to work on your ride before you go out for some weekend fun, and buy a used name brand for around the same price that will run and go every time you turn the key. That also won't leave you stranded on a trail with a fried up electrical system or broken and bent suspension parts.
take it you trashed some pit bikes...a bunch of us went in and bought 8 of those chinese pit bikes for behind the house fun..they were all junk in a few weeks... cant beat a klx 110 or the honda 70's. again you get what you pay for.
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