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Originally Posted by silveradoboy View Post
Yeah because slavery, lynching, Jim Crow and segregation were totally less of issues than if our president is half black
Not the point at all.

The obsession with race is a relatively new (post Civil War) development. In pre Civil War New Orleans blacks were represented in all levels of society and were even slave owners.

When Sherman took Charleston SC, the commanding officer of the remaining Confederate defenders was himself a free black man (a LA Creole).

After the Civil War, Jim Crow laws emerged across the entire eastern half of the country as southerners struggled to come to terms with large urban groups of blacks and northerners had to learn to deal with their new large black communities. Both were equally guilty in this.

My point is that In addition to being incompetent and in over his head, Obie wasn't even the first biracial President. And from the way things are emerging about the 9/11 attacks in Libya, he's definitely a coward and possibly a traitor as well.
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