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Originally Posted by davesdrivetrain View Post
Last week I'm using the oxy/acetylene cutting torch to cut some flat steel on the workbench. The hoses are on the floor (like normal? normal to me). The guy I work for comes running across the shop and starts yelling at me. He told me to NEVER use the cutting torches near where the sparks/slag might go, because thats how the hoses get ruined.

I have two issues with this life lesson. First, I'm sure that some engineer when they were designing cutting torch hoses MUST have had that facepalm moment when they realized they should make the hoses out of some sort of flame resistant material. You can't seriously fucking tell me that fucking torch hoses are so fucking delicate some sparks will fukc them up.

Second, how in the sweet fukc do you use the torches WITHOUT being anywhere near where sparks might hit the hoses? Is there a cordless version I'm not aware of? Am I supposed to dingle-dangle the fucking hoses from the fucking ceiling?

The other one that really pisses me off is apparently I'm wearing out a $7000 tire machine by dismounting old truck tires all the time. I know I'm not a rocket appliance by any stretch, but how the fukc do you wear out a tire machine "faster than normal"? I've probably brought in 60-100 tires in the past couple years, does that mean the tire machine just lost 2 years off it's work life? It grunts and groans as much doing a 50 series tire on a 20" rim as it does any of my old shitty tires.

Who the fukc knows. Maybe I do fail at life, maybe I should hang it up and grab a welfare check and be a freeloader. Fuck me goodday.
Sorry, I was impressed with sentence structure and perfect grammar. Not sure what you were asking.
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