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Originally Posted by deerebowtie View Post
full hydro can be done for around 200$ with a single ended ram. diy4x valve mount, tsc 8" ram, get a hydraulics shop to make lines (more braids=better), forklift or combine steering valve. you may even be able to find a forklift with a usable double ended ram and cut that down under 100$.

look on ebay for springless high steer arms, they're like 100$, or you could make your own in a few hours with a drill, torch, 9" grinder. bam, high dollar bling on the cheap.
Full hydro would be great, but although its going to be a trail rig, Id like to drive it around town every now and then, and I know it can be a little hairy on the street. I also am only running 37's..for now... I feel a little better knowing that if the assist fails I still have the crossover to fall back on. With the way the truck sits now ill have hydro assist for whatever the hydro lines cost me. I appreciate the great info though! when it does come time to step up I will refer back to this
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