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Originally Posted by RyeBread View Post
no, logic states that given our current situation of choosing the presumed lesser of two evils, that choosing a hypothetical snowballchanceinhell's 3rd party candidate means that you have done nothing to help prevent the presumed greater of two evils from getting into office.
I get that you are probably the product of the public school system, but if you cast a vote for a candidate that ultimately loses and someone else casts a vote for a third party candidate that also loses, your vote was no more or less valuable, or as most seem to prefer "wasted".

The current "situation" you seem to be referring to is YOURS not OURS. That "lesser of two evils" line is a real original one though (straight from the and playbook), still it amounts to less than a piss poor excuse to justify voting for someone, you admit is evil? I would refuse on "moral grounds" to cast a vote for anyone I KNEW was evil, and you will twist it into how fucked up a person would have to be to vote for a third party????? Jeezuss it must be the fluoride in the drinking water or something?

This is all here nor there though, mere conjecture, hyperbole if you will, because (I can't believe I even have to tell people this, I guess none were paying attention in 8th grade Government class) when you cast a vote for President, you are wasting your time (and vote) as You DO NOT elect the President, a faceless group called electors do, put the electors from the 50 States and the D of C together and and you get the Electoral College. In a perfect world your vote may count as a "suggestion" at best, but It probably falls far short of even that.......

Now, I realize that you will probably reply with a Cute lil' answer (Cute, and smart I doubt) but do yourself a favor and look it up, regurgitating untruths doesn't make something true (though it seems to be a prevailing belief with many on this board), it just makes you an idiot and or a liar, when you have been shown or know the truth. Regards, Steve
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