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Originally Posted by SteelTherapy View Post
Time for a changeÖ..

NOT an Obama change and NOT a Romney change but a REAL change. The and no longer serve the American people. As long as they believe that one or the other will get elected every 4 to 8 years they will serve only their own interests. They seem to have forgotten that they are servants of the people. The politicians use us to get elected then do the minimum to keep the people content.

They need to be taught that they are not the only choices. They need to understand that when the people are displeased enough they will find themselves out of a job. The only way to drive this point home is to elect neither a republican nor a democrat. When they are left there on November 7 with their mouths hanging open wondering how neither of them got elected maybe they will have learned that it is the American people who hold the power in this country and not them.

To do this, we, the people of the United States of America must change the way we think and vote. We have to vote against the grain. We canít vote for a candidate because we think he/she has a chance of winning. We all like to be associated with the ďwinner.Ē We have to change that mentality. If we donít then we will forever be the servants of the elected officials and not the other way around. We have to vote in a way that will force a change. We need to stand up and stop being puppets to the politicians.

My thought and plan is to vote for people other than the republican or democrat candidates. There are other candidates out there. Iím not limiting my plan to the presidential election. I will apply it to all of the elected positions up for a vote. If there is only a choice between a republican or democrat then I will not vote for the incumbent.

Personally, green is my favorite color so I am voting for the Green party when I can. Thatís my choice. Each of you needs to make your own decisions.

There is still time to change the course of the election. If we all do this then we can make a difference.

Feel free to re-post this anywhere.
I feel you but voteing for a third party canadate will make no difference in the results. There are to many people who are voteing for Romney or Obama and that's just the truth. You are better off putting your vote where it will it least count. Romney has my vote personally
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