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Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
I just think it's ridiculous for someone to be ridiculed, tormented or protested against simply because they say that they believe differently then someone else about a particular subject. It's one thing if they are organizing opposition rallies, or try to discriminate against someone or practice hate speech. Then yes, I could see where there would be consequences. But to give someone shit and have them suffer "consequences" just because they have a different view than you is just nuts. Think about it.
Yeah, that must suck to be gay and have a bunch of Christians tell you about how you're going to hell. Is that what you're saying?

Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
That makes us no better that the Islamic crazies that kill people who believe different than they do.
Yeah, other than the killing thing. Do you stop to think before hacking this shit out?
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