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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
Your point?

People seem to get freedom of speech confused:
freedom to say what you want and have no consequences

The freedom to say what you want, although it could have some consequences.

I'm still able to choose whether I want to ear at a chic-filet, and I am guessing that the chicago politician is strongly supported by gays, so he was only doing what the people who voted him into office would like him to do.

That's politics.

I guess I personally don't see the problem, many other people were just as legally able to go and congregate to voice their opinion in favor of the CEO's comments, or to vote that politician out of office in chicago or voice their desire to have a chic filet built in their neighborhood.....

Or like me, you could have just chosen to not say anything because you didn't care....
Originally Posted by JohnnyJ View Post
So, what's your point? People used their free speech to talk about not liking his free speech. The Chick Fil A owner didn't get put in jail. The government took no action for or against him.

Remember the Dixie Twits? Same thing happened to them when they said negative things about George W at a concert. Some people stopped buying their music, stopped going to their shows, some radio stations stopped playing their music. Others flocked to them. No different from Chick fil a, other than what side of the aisle you like better.

Free speech works fine. Speech without consequences on the other hand... well... that isn't protected by our Constitution.
Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
So in other words, we are free to believe what we want, just shut up about them. If we want to make our beliefs known then we better be ready for the "consequences"? Yeah, that sounds rational to me.
Are you dumb, or not smart or what?

So to you free speech means you get to say what you want and everyone else in the country will agree with it?

Read what JohnnyJ said (he added some valuable information to free speech).

The government didn't close the guy down, the police didn't arrest him, OTHER people who wanted to VOICE their RIGHT to free speech responded to his comments.

What part of that don't you understand?

Regarding the media, since when did it become illegal for them to put their own spin on things? The media will report what it wants to report, you will find left and right biased reports for nearly every story, remember, the media is not some government appointed group of people who are legally obligated to report facts.

THey are television and news stations that are in business to report the news as they see fit and try to garner the most $$ through viewers.
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