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Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
Basically the CEO made it clear that he didn't agree with same sex marriage and that he has traditional Christian values. It caused a firestorm of protests around the country, with people protesting and boycotting outside the restaurants. One Chicago political clodhopper even tried to block Chick Fil A from opening a restaurant in his district because of the owners views.

So much for freedom of opposing beliefs.
So, what's your point? People used their free speech to talk about not liking his free speech. The Chick Fil A owner didn't get put in jail. The government took no action for or against him.

Remember the Dixie Twits? Same thing happened to them when they said negative things about George W at a concert. Some people stopped buying their music, stopped going to their shows, some radio stations stopped playing their music. Others flocked to them. No different from Chick fil a, other than what side of the aisle you like better.

Free speech works fine. Speech without consequences on the other hand... well... that isn't protected by our Constitution.
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