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Originally Posted by 3stratman View Post
Basically the CEO made it clear that he didn't agree with same sex marriage and that he has traditional Christian values. It caused a firestorm of protests around the country, with people protesting and boycotting outside the restaurants. One Chicago political clodhopper even tried to block Chick Fil A from opening a restaurant in his district because of the owners views.

So much for freedom of opposing beliefs.
Your point?

People seem to get freedom of speech confused:
freedom to say what you want and have no consequences

The freedom to say what you want, although it could have some consequences.

I'm still able to choose whether I want to ear at a chic-filet, and I am guessing that the chicago politician is strongly supported by gays, so he was only doing what the people who voted him into office would like him to do.

That's politics.

I guess I personally don't see the problem, many other people were just as legally able to go and congregate to voice their opinion in favor of the CEO's comments, or to vote that politician out of office in chicago or voice their desire to have a chic filet built in their neighborhood.....

Or like me, you could have just chosen to not say anything because you didn't care....
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