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Originally Posted by mxmoto198 View Post
K weasel squeezer before you jump on my nuts get your shit right, dawn dish soap does not and will not dry out your skin since it has olay and other natural lotions in it( if you did dishes you would know) Secondly since you feel the need to correct me on calling him a blue nose. Let me correct my statement, he is all white from a blue line, both of his parents are blue. Also akc and mkc registered as a " White/blue APBT" and as for you other stupid remark about blue only being the nose color then what color do you call this dog Attachment 97763

Yes you are correct there is no such thing as bluenose rednose, ect. But honestly who else but maybe a hand full of people on this site would know that... So when you've gone to school for years and paid thousands of dollars to become a vet, then you can tell me the opposite of what every other vet including my mother, who all say to "use dawn dish soap because it kills the fleas and wont dry there skin out" then maybe I'll listen to you till then screw off and have a nice day
Hey there sunshine, actually I do know what Dawn dish soap does to one's hands, seeing as I do dishes.

How do you know if I'm a vet or not? Oh right, you don't. BTW, vets are not breed experts.

That dog you posted there is not an APBT. It's actually an entirely different breed called an American Bully. It was a breed that was created in the early 90s using APBTs and ASTs as well as a handful of other Molosser breeds. Yes, I know you said that your dog is registered as an APBT with AKC, which is quite comical, seeing as AKC doesn't even recognize APBTs as being a breed. They do register ASTs though, which your dog also is not.

UKC registers APBTs and they'd register your dog as one even though I'd guarantee his pedigree does not show any APBT lines in the last say 3-4 generations.

My "stupid" remark about his blue nose only meaning that his nose is blue still stands. Yes, his nose is blue. Congratulations, you're not color blind. He's also a blue dog. Also congrats, what's your point? Your dog is blue, good job.

When you mom tells you to use Dawn, how many times does she say to wash the dog with it? If you read my post, I said to be careful if you're going to be washing the dog 2-3 times to get rid of the fleas. Now, I don't know about you but if I'm getting rid of fleas, I'm going to be washing the dog a few times within a week to make sure my dog is pest-free. I guess that's just me though. Maybe you wait a week or 2 to many sure you don't come across dry skin. If you wash your dog 2-3 times in a week with ANY kind of shampoo, you're more likely to dry their skin out..

One more thing, when there are oil spills and wildlife is affected, why do they use Dawn to clean the animals? Why do they suggest you use Dawn to clean oil spills in your garage? Because it cleans the grease. How does it clean the grease? By drying it out. So why, oh why, would it not dry out your skin or your dog's skin?
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