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Wasn't this attached?
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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
where is pine tree?

I want to save some $$I but like you my lower living room is usually pretty chilly. Which is where im installing it.

Consensus is to just install yourself? Cram it in the hole, run chimney pipe and cap and call it good? Seems simple just ddidnt want to burn my house down
Pine Tree is in Lapeer.

I would assume you'll need power as well for the blower, but that is pretty simple to install as well. A basic 110 plug is all thats needed.

Regarding which stove to pick, if you plan to heat the whole house make sure the BTU is high enough. That will eliminate most of the cheap ones right out of the gate. Then there are the various blowers and such that add cost. I believe some of the higher end wood inserts also have some basic furnace like functions which regulate the temp better than the basic stoves that require you to be fiddling with it constantly. Also, efficiencies do matter to some degree, but most new stoves will be pretty close. Efficiency coupled with the size of the firebox will dictate burn times. You don't want to have to get up to restock it every two hours. Also, I would look to see if there are any current tax incentives on them. When I bought mine, as long as it was a minimum efficiency I would get %30 back on my taxs.

Regarding install, pipe depends on what sort of fireplace you have now. If you have a real fireplace then simply sticking it in and running the recommended pipe works. If it's just a decorative fireplace for the little gas logs, then it may require insulated pipe which is much more expensive. I don't know about the wood burning ones, but many of the pellet stoves are designed for zero clearance installs so there isn't much to be worried about.
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Oz's Jeep is downright anti-bling.
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Will someone please argue with me?

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