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Wasn't this attached?
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Emmets in Waterford are retards. I work with a brother of one of the managers of Emmets, but he is located at the Royal Oak (I think thats where it is) store. I was told the Waterford guys would treat me well. Anyway, after being dicked around on various stuff, I said screw it and went to another store. I ended up purchasing from Pine Tree Heating. They have a much better display set up with all sorts of different units and they weren't douchers.

I have a pellet insert so it isn't exactly the same, but the install is very easy. I did mine myself with no issues. As Hancho says, I do have to buy fuel, but for my use it works well. It's not like I have property to cut wood at the house and transporting it from the farm up north wouldn't really be saving me anything once I put in the time. Also, it's very little work as pellets are more or less automatic. Regarding cost, I don't really save much money as my furnace is natural gas, but that wasn't my point. My point was to get my lower level living room, which was always cold in the winter to be warm. My stove works very well for that and easily heats my whole house in the process, vs just the upper levels being warm with the furnace.
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