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Default fireplace insert guys

anyone on here a distributor, know it all, expert, have a friend of a friend, recently install an insert?

I've been shopping around and haven't gotten serious yet, but am seeing prices ranging from $750 for something like this

and then prices of around $2600 (for the insert) $4000 turn key installed from some joint in Waterford (emmet's I think) the guy was real helpful for one of these:

the conversation went like this.

me:How much for that insert?

me:Ok, How about this one?

me:Same price?

me:But the units themselves are priced different, why is the installed price the same?
him:That's just how it works.

me:Oh, ok, have a good day.
him:You too, let me know if we can help.

Anyone recently install an insert? I am too lazy to figure out my fireplaces exact dimensions, but I am assuming there's a unit out there somewhere that will fit right in, besides installing the unit, and chimney pipe (damn that shit aint cheap) there doesn't seem to be much to it, and quite frankly I don't mind spending a few $$ on install, considering if I mess something up my house will go burn down.

So, anyone recently get an insert and recommend a good dealer or installer in the Flint/Detroit areas, close to fenton of course.

Also, any good stories about some of the cheaper units out there or worth it to spend the bigger money?

I have natural gas currently, so my heating costs aren't terrible, but if I can supplement with wood we'd like to.
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