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Originally Posted by mxmoto198 View Post
Dawn dish soap kills them better than flea shampoo and also won't dry there skin out. Have two APBT's one all red, and a all white bluenose, for one reason or another our red nose didn't really have to much of a problem, but on the other hand the white one had them like crazy. Spray from TSC mentioned worked well and baths every week.
Dawn soap is a better way to get them out of dogs with less chemicals than flea shampoos but that's about all your post is right about.

Dawn soap WILL dry out their skin. Have you ever washed your hands with Dawn soap? How did your hands feel afterward? Dry. Now imagine the 2-3 times most people need to wash their dogs with Dawn to ensure the fleas are dead, then think of how dry it will make their skin.

Blue nose is ONLY a nose color. If your dog is white, call it white. If it's blue, call it blue. If it's green, call it green. You don't have a "white bluenose" because there's no such thing.
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