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Originally Posted by Jeepxjmike20 View Post
I think our vice president biden looked like a idiot constantly laughing and rolling his eyes. joe biden lied about everything that came out of his mouth. paul ryan was being too polite. but in my opinion paul ryan won by putting facts on the table and strong points. liberals constantly complaining about the 47% comment. romney said the truth about those 47% of people. 1. you cant change those people minds who depend on government. 2. there are people taking advantage of government benefits that the tax payers are paying for. romney said the truth but obama, biden, and their adminstration are complaining about the 47% comment. this adminstration has nothing to run for office. this adminstration is lying to the american people and they think we are stupid and dont realize it. this adminstration had double the debt, the policies that are being passed through congress are going to bankrupt america.

Romney & Ryan 2012. cant wait to fire Obama and Biden.
I predict...The news outlets will disagree with you tonight. Obama has already won the debate regardless of his performance. Just watch and see. The American people are sheep being led by the politicians and news media.
I'm not quoting idiots who promote unsafe recovery strap techniques anymore. :miff:
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