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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
With voting coming nearer, all of the ads (pro and con) inundating the airwaves for the MI ballot proposals are filled with fear-mongering and misdirection. I colored my opinions green.

Prop 1: Concerns Governor's ability to appoint and powers of Emergency Managers. This is in response to legal challenges to EM laws. Voting "for" allows this to occur.

If bankrupt/failed cities want our state tax dollars, we get say over how they spend it. since they've already proven they can't spend it wisely.

Prop 2: Makes collective bargaining a right per the state Constitution. Has nothing to do with providing firefighters/cops with necessary equipment or turning perverts loose in schools. Voting "for" says that MI cannot become a "right to work" state.

About 11% of MI workers are represented by unions. Why should we modify our state Constitution to provide constitutional defense of unions when their time is coming to an end. Right to work states have jobs and growth. I was just in AL and MS and things were booming - Mercedes, BMW, Airbus, Nissan, and Martin Marietta have opened/are opening huge new facilities and employing thousands. Why would they do business here, especially when our state Constitution defends unions? Doing this effectively kills any chance of manufacturing growth in MI.

Prop 3: Requires that 25% of all electricity in MI come from renewable sources by 2025, and that utilities cannot pass the costs of this onto customers. A misuse of the Constitution according to legal experts on both sides of the issue (i.e. make it a law if you want it, but don't embed it into the Constitution). Voting "for" says MI needs to use the state Constitution to enforce this law.

Why does all of the support for this come from outside MI? 94K jobs? More like a net loss of 10-12K jobs, per the Mackinac Center. Renewable energy costs more, period. If it was truly cheaper, utilities would be building them like crazy - without need for laws and incentives to do so. And placing it into the Constitution means we're stuck with it. An attempt by wind turbine makers and solar panel makers to sell more product.

Prop 4: Gives home health care providers collective bargaining rights, or more specifically reverses an action by the Governor to stop paying a portion of funding for people providing health care services in the home (like family members or home health aides - not RNs, Drs, and medical professionals) directly to the SEIU union for "representing" these people indirectly. That's as objective as I can be on this - it's blatnat highway robbery and does NOTHING to improve or affect patient care or quality of life (despite ad claims). Voting "for" this reinstates the stream of payments to the SEIU.

Paying SEIU $ Snyder took away from them. BAD IDEA.

Prop 5: Requires a 2/3 majority to approve a tax increase. Voting "for" supports this.

Sounds like a good idea.

Prop 6: Requires voter approval before government builds a bridge between Detroit and Canada. Voting "for" supports this.

I'm torn. The current bridge is hammered with NAFTA traffic, so it's like asking us to fund the more efficient movement of jobs out of MI and into Canada. But then, anything that benefits Manny Marroun has got to be a bad thing.
I'm voting NO on all of them.

1) Once a city in in this position, they need to have outside intervention.

2) Collective bargaining needs to stay out of the constitution.

3) I think 25% of energy being green is great, but it needs to be driven by economics not by the gov.

4) I'm not interested.

5) Sometimes taxes are a good thing. A 2/3 vote would make this an impossibility IMO.

6) This is 100% driven by the current bridge owners. I have no problem with building a new bridge, I think it makes sense for the long term.
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