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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post

anyway, i just think people should have a bit more of an open mind. Can you prove to me that Christianity is the "correct" religion? what about it is "better" or "more right" than Buddhism, or Hinduism, or Islam, or Judaism? If you can prove to me that "yours is right and theirs is wrong" say whatever you want...but I don't think you can, therefore, I don't think statements like that should be made, especially by people like Pat Robertson who have some much sway over the weak minded people of this country. What does saying something like that do? It is just going to cause more animosity between people of opposing religions...I suppose it might also cause some undecided weak minded people to convert and donate lots of money to his cause...oh yeah , there it is, money is the root of all ...religion???
I agree.

I don’t interpret “thou shalt have no other god’s before me” as saying that what other groups of people refer to as “god” if actually a different “god” or some type of “demon”. Why would you assume that what the Hindus or Buddhists or any other religion refer to as “god” is a different entity as the Christian “god”. I’m no expert but the research into they and other religions suggests that many eastern religions are actually more “philosophies” (dealing with how we live our lives here on earth) than “religions” (dealing with god and the afterlife) and as such they don’t really go into detail just who or what “god” is, so it’s not a big stretch for me to believe that they are actually talking about the same god.

I’ve also wondered if “thou shalt have no other god’s before me” is an admission, from God himself, that there are in fact other “gods” out there.

And finally, I find it interesting, and maybe significant, that among the first people God chose to announce the birth of his son to were not Jews but in fact “Magi from the east” who are believe to be Zoroastrians. That seems to be an acknowledgement, straight from God, that he is the same “god” that other, non Jewish religions believe in.
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