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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
Then you can be an unarmed corpsman - perfect pacifist duty.

There's a guy from the Flint area who was a pararescue guy in the Vietnam war. He would be lowered into hostile territory, locate and retrieve downed / wounded aviators, pilots, and aircrew. Once they were aboard the chopper and safe, he would get back in. Didn't carry a weapon. Probably one of the baddest ass people I've ever heard of, and a pacifist.

You go where you're needed - again, it's not about YOU, but about the greater good. It has nothing to do with whether you agree with the big picture or not. I'd bet the 1000s of troops who died at Iwo Jima would rather have been somewhere else. Hell, I bet a lot of them were prepared to cede Asia to the Japanese if it would've got them outta there. But they didn't, they stepped up and did their duty - not their personal preference, but their duty.
right on duffman.

t seems sova has a fair amount of respect for the enemey .... so i think a medic would be great. Since the jihadists are so well known for bitching about the treatment of their un-uniformed soldiers (correct me if i am wrong sova you made comments in the not to distant past about treatment of gitmo detainees and didnt agree with me that they do not diserve acomodations agreed apon form the geneva convention .... nevermind that they are not a nation and were not signee's). Anyways my point is uniformed medics with the red cross on them CANNOT be shot at. This is the perfect job for you. Saving people and trusting your life to a bunch of suicidal bombers. You dont carry arms and dont fight. You cannot be shot cause its in the geneva convention and i am sure the insurgents abide by it.
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