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sova i cant quote verse worth a damn but i know enough Jesus loved everyone, even no believers. He could care less what you did wrong, murdurers, theif, doesnt matter. Its my belief and non-biblical scholar belief that at the judgement day all you have to do is accept god (the christian god that is) as your savior and you get into heaven. Its as simple as that. Even wicked evil folks like ida amen, sadam, jeffery dahmer can get in if they have a revelation on judgement day. Soooo it would stand to reason a buddhist, shintoist, taoist or muslim would get in, as well as athiest.

Also christians with any amount of knowledge respect Judiasm and Islam because of our shared past and lineage and many commanalities. I have faith in the koram. My dads buddy is indian from india he said in the koran it has the speed of light ! You can't guess that thats divine. Now i am not gonna be attending a mosque any time soon. But i have respect for all the great peaceful religions. Many buddhist for example are kinder better christian than many christians are ... not in the name of god but their kindness generosity, humanity, humility, etc is all the same stuff the christian god asks of you.

Only people i dont respect is the radical muslims. Everyone else is cool with me.

Also you idea that weak minded folks will be send Pat money to get into heaven ??? I dont see that happening, anyone that weak minded likely doesnt have much money or they were already duped out of it by now.
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