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Originally Posted by 97xj View Post
I do not opose it. Not for me or my children. As a matter of fact not just the draft but a 2 year service rotation for every American would be good.

In a way simular to how Isreal recruits for its Military. That way a broader section of America will know and feel the sacrifice that our troops make, both for the physical seperation and work but the sacrifice that is made by the family 's of our troops.

With that many people serving we could secure our Northern and Southern Borders. Shipping Ports, Air Ports, Schools, Nuclear Power Plants and everything else that we have need to secure. It would not need to be traditional Army type of stuff. Sure the basic training would be the same but then break off for some other hands on skills training from caprentry to engineering, heavy equipment operation/repair.

At the end of 2 years everyone leaving would have a skill that is useful and can thus be contributing member of society, with skills that will allow them to support a family.

Funding it would be a killer and to be honest I do not yet have a plan for that part of it. I do believe that it would have some real benifits.
your insane. no offence but, its people like you that make me wanna move to Canada.
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