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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
Umm... Yes that is his goal and along with that Peace and for the World to see that he is the one that brought it to them which causes masses that don't believe in the ONE TRUE GOD to start to worship him.

Have you even read Revelations? Or know anything about the tribulation period that the Bible predicts and will come to pass in the future?

So there is a warning in the bible to keep people from being open minded and to keep them from all joining together as one in the name of peace. good stuff. This antichrist sounds like a good thing. I'm not saying i know what is right here, but if you put it this way.

Right now/Past: people of different religious factions killing each other over their religious differences (The Crusades, Israel v. Palestine, etc.)=GOOD?

Anti-Christ: people joining together in the name of peace and having a religion that everyone can agree on=BAD?

doesn't that sound weird to anyone else?

I find this very interesting.
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