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This whole affair really gets me.

1) Associating a white student in an integrated school with the Klan is analogous to asking someone to beat her ass.
2) What this teacher did is BULLYING, pure and simple. Oprah and Moochelle have made countless please and PSAs speaking out against bullying, the scourge of our times.
Hite has said he would work with Nutter and the teacher's union to move "towards a conversation that brings together diverse beliefs, inspires understanding, and heals."
Translation: a multi-million dollar pseudo-socialist organization (any labor union) dedicated to the re-election of Obie will do nothing and wait for the flap to blow over.

This teacher needs to be fired immediately. I'm sure the Philly school system has a statement about accpepting people of all races, CREEDS, and colors, which this was a clear violation of.
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