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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
so which one is it?

Add another program (tax payer supported birth control)


Reform current welfare programs to eliminate support for irresponsible people making more babies then they can care for?

Because I'm pretty sure I have argued against free birth control from the start of this thread, yet you seem to be in support of the idea by agreeing with steveo....
You could say the same thing about my standpoint honestly.
Here's the way I see it. I would like to see some sort of a small very well defined and managed safety net for people. Like if your husband dies and you were poor but managing (or a defined list of scenarios) the state will help you get on your feet within 6 months by helping provide assistance if you agree to the following terms:
You are subject to random drug tests and you must pass them
You must show active participation in job hunting
You must not have any additional children during the support period
You cannot have any undeclared additional income- under the penalty of welfare fraud which is actually prosecuted

Now my ideal world isnt going to happen because no one can cut off the government teet. Knowing that I can't have the ideal situation and there is little hope of even a better situation with the politics as they stand in this country then my answer is yes to incentivizing birth control. I would make the birth control not like an IUD where they can go home and pull it out but more like the norplant where it's an injected hormone that stays in the system for five years.

L4CX- please find me one study that says that norplant/nuvaring/hormone IUD has any higher risk than taking your allergy pills, or drinking, or anything else that is reasonable. There are side effects from taking any type of drug, but if they don't occur any more often than a normal drug, what's the issue?

I had the hormone IUD while I was preventing pregnancy and it was great. Once I pop out a kid I am having another one put in.

When I got the scholarship that paid for my college I had to agree to terms like:
no drinking/drugs- if you are caught or evidence is found you will lose the scholarship
GPA above 3.8
Conduct requirements like not being an embarrassment to the school or program that was providing my scholarship

In my contract I signed there was even appropriate dress requirements, now they weren't terribly strict but I couldn't cause a scene coming to class dressed like a hoochie mama.
Why should people have to make agreements like that for a scholarship that was earned merit based, but you can't put requirements on unearned handouts?
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