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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
so which one is it?

Add another program (tax payer supported birth control)


Reform current welfare programs to eliminate support for irresponsible people making more babies then they can care for?

Because I'm pretty sure I have argued against free birth control from the start of this thread, yet you seem to be in support of the idea by agreeing with steveo....
The latter.

Given the CURRENT state of welfare, I agree with steveo in support of free birth control. This is where arguments get lost in the shuffle....arguing the ideal state of things versus the actual state of things. We can all argue all we want for how things should be, but I try to argue on the side of things that is the reality of this world.

Ideally, I'd prefer not to have any government safety net of any kind, with very few exceptions. However that's never going to happen. No one in government will ever have the balls to kick people off welfare that have kids (regardless of the responsibility being there or not when having those kids). Maybe it can get reformed, but even then birth control pills are still cheaper than paying for consecutive generations of welfare recipients. We can argue all we want about responsibility and what's right, but at the end of the day it's dollars and cents. I want whatever the option is that is cheaper for people who actually earn an income.
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