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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
At least you have some my question is this.

Should we add another government program where we give them birth control, or should we eliminate the welfare program (or at least reform it) to a point where we don't have to give them birth control or pay for their kids?

There is no law out there that says we have to take care of the people who are unable to take care of themselves, just stupid liberal policies that make it possible for those people to live off the rest of us and abuse the system.
I would say add another program, sure it cost more money to run 2 and not 1 but this country would turn head over heels, riots and all if we just cut all welfare, food, and health care all of a sudden. Instead we mind fukc these people and give them a incentive to use birth control which would start saving us money right away. less kids being born = less gov help
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