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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
Scott, self control and personal responsibility have been preached for eons. Teenagers still get pregnant. You can't fix stupid, but you can prevent it from breeding.
By Your own Second statement you proved your third statement wrong. Sure the could get an IUD, but they could also just not do it. I think reinforcing the consequences could/should be the better way. I don't think giving our kids a pill or or medicine to 'solve' thier problems is the way to go. I think teaching them to work through the problems and realize why they are in the situation in the first place is the better way to go.

I do see it from your side though. I'd much rather a baby be born to a family then a single mother. I'm married to a women who has never met her dad and I can say, from experience, she's a bit messed up from it.

Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
I think they should incentivize women not in a position to have kids to get norplants. Give them a 50 dollar walmart giftcard or an ipod to get the norplant.
I hear people who say oh it causes sickness or whatever, but for the 99% that come out ok, it's money well spent. I hate the idea of the government funding but it sure could cut the number of single mothers on welfare.
The Implant is only for women who don't want to have children right? Because I've heard that can mess up the plumbing down there pretty good.
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