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Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
Are you suggesting that Steveo's title should be Obama of GL4x4 and Kickstand's should be Romney of Gl4x4?

Originally Posted by steveo View Post
That for a small amount of money and a simple procedure you can slut it up worry free for 5 years. Why are we fighting? This is a God damn miracle Chadwick. We should be celebrating.
If it's the implant I'm thinking about it can lead to problems with women down the road. Like the inability to have kids. And we 'get' to pay for that blessing as taxpayers. I'm not for that. I'd rather see self control emphasized more. That's one of the reasons our country is in the mess it's in right now. We, as a nation, have no self control. We buy what we want, even if we don't have the money; we do what we want and try and pawn the consequences on other people instead of taking the responsibility. It's gross. This idea just continues this HORRIBLE idea.

I'm not against Birth control, I'm against the idea of not teaching our kids responsibility for thier actions. If we could legally make those who get pregnant get married that would probably have the same effect As the Birth control.
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